About Us

Welcome to Lunous, the fashionable Online Bikini shop. We provide quality Bikini, Swimwear & Surf wears handpicked from all over the world.

Our story began in the beautiful Maldives after noticing that people from America, Europe, Africa, Asia, & Oceania wore completely different style of bikini from each other. Lunous came into life to provide people all most all styles of bikini’s famous from all over the world. We talked with hundreds of tourists from the beaches of Maldives, who complained they always find it difficult to find fashionable and high quality bikinis. They want to be able to access to almost all styles of bikinis. Lunous was then established on 4th March 2017. Our products were based on the likings of tourists from all over the world.

Our Collection is based to 3 reasons for a Bikini. A Sexy Collection to show off on the beach. A Swim Collection to melt yourself into the water. A surf Collection for those who want to reach the top of the waves.

Our number one priority is our customers, at all times our customers will be informed communicated with and most importantly never forgotten. Each and every customer will be a family member, and not a “just a number”.